Provocative question isn’t it?

Is there really just one secret to long term success as a Mortgage Originator?

Probably not.

But, there is one thing that if you don’t have it, you’ll continue to struggle
What is it? Your database.

Not just a list of past clients and referral partners in some Excel sheet or software. That’s just a cold listConnecting-People1 of names. Your relationship with your database is your key to long term success.

How often do you engage, communicate, add value, share content with your database? Are you making a personal connection with your database?Not just rates, and market updates but value-added content, and the personal side of you.

Honestly, it’s an area I’ve dropped the ball in myself over the years. Can you forgive me?

So, I want to re-build my connection with you and add some value to your database marketing efforts today. I found a link to an audio recording featuring Sue Woodard revealing her secrets for successful database marketing.

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You’ll hear Sue reveal the truth about how to begin with database marketing, how to overcome the common struggles we all face and how to get consistent referrals from your database.

Get The Audio Here (No opt-in required)

Enjoy the audio. Get started on your database marketing and start reaping the rewards of more loans closed.