I’ve got an early Christmas present for you. But to get it, you have to first answer that question for yourself.

Who makes more? A generalist or a specialist? generalvsspecial
Who do you trust more? A generalist or a specialist?

Obviously depending on the need, a generalist may be all that’s needed to achieve your outcome. But, when it really matters as in matters of your health and finances, a specialist- a.k.a. someone who has “specialized knowledge” of a particular area is more highly regarded, has implied trust and often out-earns his or her ‘generalist’ alternative.

With 2015 fast approaching, you’re probably going to spend some time evaluating your marketing, positioning, sales process, talk tracks and perhaps analyze your ideal markets. You may have heard the importance of “niche marketing.” With that in mind, I’ve got a great free resource to help you get very clear on not only identifying the ideal “niches” based on your uniqueness, but also how to get clear on your purpose and mission.

It’s from Steve Woodruff who helps professionals “discover their fit.” His Clarity Blend newsletter is thoughtful, useful and revealing. I’ve found it to be a personal favorite in helping me get clarity on my personal strengths, weaknesses, purpose and passion. And who doesn’t more more clarity in those areas?

So Merry Christmas from me and Steve Woodruff!  As you go into some “down time” over the next few weeks, carve out some time just for yourself to download the free Pdf. It’s full of amazing resources, insight and guidance on how to get clear and discover your true fit – in your business and your life.







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Merry Christmas!