If you’ve recognized the importance of Content Marketing in your marketing mix, you’ve probably (like me) been at a loss at times for finding relevant content when you need it.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a short list of tools you can use (and afford) to quickly find (curate) content for your own consumption and for sharing with your referral partners, past clients and via

content-curation-post-art4social media.

Most of these “content curation” tools are simple. Just enter the relevant keywords for topics you’re most interested in and you’ll get a daily feed of fresh content you can repurpose and comment on.

Here’s the short list:

1) www.upcontent.com

UpContent helps you shorten your research time and spend more valuable time where it matters. powerful filters deliver relevant content and exclude sources you don’t want to see

2) www.curationsoft.com

The #1 tool to discover, review and curate content for Google friendly posts and thought leadership.

3) www.mySMARTblog.com

Completely done-for-you and fully automated blogging, content sharing and social media platform exclusively for mortgage and real estate. 

Remember, in today’s noisy world, the way to get noticed can get clients is building a platform that delivers relevant content that helps people with solve problems.

Each of the tools above will help you do that. Check them out. If you’re too busy to post and share content yourself, check out mySMARTblog. They do it all for you.