How Fast Do You Get Stuff Done?

I was reading a very instructive story about Warren Buffett recently. An ambitious up-and-comer  approaches Buffett for advice on what he needs to do to be successful.

Buffett says, “Tell me what your priorities are.”

The young man lists about 25 of them.

Buffett says, “Ok, give me your top five.”

He thinks about it for a bit and names the five most important things.

“That’s great,” Buffett says. “Now what are you going to do with the other 20 things on your list?”

The young man replies that he’ll try to work on those when he can find time.

“Absolutely not!” Buffett commands. “That is your avoid-at-all-costs list.”

We’re all busy people, and we’re prone to measure our success by the sheer number of hours we spend working. The more hours = more success formula. Can you relate?

The only problem is that the least effective among us are often the ones who work the longest hours. That’s because time isn’t the right measure of success.

We all need to stop glorifying busyness! It’s not about logging 80 hours a week at the office!

It’s really performance and results that count – and we don’t generate them without clearly defined priorities.

So, how do you prioritize your daily and weekly activities?

Some examples of daily work priorities could be:

> Getting Underwriting Approval
> Loan Funding
> Taking Loan Applications
> Connecting With Clients and Referral Partners

Too often I find that people easily get sidetracked or become reactive to the daily “attention stealers.” You may indeed have more than a “top five” list of things needed to get done daily. Can you outsource the others to someone else? Yes, we have the occasional loan related and personal fires that occasionally pop up. That’s life.

It’s more about how you manage your daily “musts” to ensure you’re making progress and making time for the really important things in life aside from just work.

I’m curious. What are some of your daily priorities? What system or process do you have to show up each day and focus on your “top five.” Leave a comment. Thanks for watching.