Looking to grow your influence?

If you’ve ready my book or followed me for sometime now, you know I’m a big believer in building your platform by providing relevant content to agents, clients and others.
Have you given a TRID presentation yet?

No? Why not? It’s a great way to build your local market awareness,    position yourself as a leading authority and get some agent exposure!

You could offer the class to your local Board of Realtors, real estate  offices, financial planners or investment groups. You could record a  brief  video/slide presentation to email and share via social  media. Are you  strapped for time to gather the data and build a  presentation?

Good news for you!

Here’s some downloadable resources to help you get started:187x200_TILARESPA

1) TRID PPT Presentation CFPB (Cleared) Kokomo 5-8-15

2) The Mortgage Bankers Association has several resources
available including PowerPoint and informational handouts
for referral partners and consumers.

3) SlideShare has lots of different PowerPoint decks and content
you can ‘borrow.’ It’s a great place to get ideas, grab content
to repurpose to your sphere of influence and social networks.

4) Check out Fast Forward Stories for a great place to get
done for you videos with lead capture, analytics and more
on every mortgage related topic you can imagine.

Your customers are making buying decisions every day based on one factor: who comes to mind. By increasing your exposure and positioning yourself as a thought leader with relevant content, you build your personal brand awareness. That’s the ultimate goal.

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