Top 10 things you can do with Drive in real estate:

  1. Run your real estate business anywhere – Using the seven real estate folders we recommend (your “Digital Real Estate File Structure,” which you can create in literally 90 seconds), you can run your entire real estate business out of Drive. That means you can access everything from everywhere, and do anything from anywhere. In other words, your entire business is wherever you happen to be. Your car. A listing client’s home. A neighborhood coffee shop.

  1. Leverage templates to perfect and optimize real estate workflows – with Drive, it is easy to create templates for every key workflow in your business: listing appointments, buyer and seller consultations and pre-qualifications, buyer tours, listing entry into the MLS, contract-to-close, etc. Creating these templates allows you to perfect those workflows and processes over time, and immediately access and use them for every conceivable situation and scenario. This is especially useful when working in a team or brokerage environment, when you want to ensure you are delivering a tight, consistent service experience for each and every client. Templates enable you to optimize each workflow and deliver the most uniform customer experience possible.

  1. Share real estate documents – one of Drive’s strengths is its sharing functionality. Anything you have in Drive – whether you created it there or uploaded it from somewhere else – is instantly and easily shareable. Plus, you can manage permissions on a variety of levels. This empowers you to keep clients in the loop on everything that matters to them. And it also gives you incredible versatility and control in terms of managing a team or an office of agents, or communicating back to a team leader or a broker.

  1. Live collaborate on real estate documents – similar to sharing, another perfect-for-real-estate functionality inside of Drive is the fact that you can live collaborate on any native file type. So, you can create a document and work on it – in real time – with clients, teammates, a team leader and/or your broker. Trust us when we tell you that clients are blown away the first time you do this with them. It is a “wow factor” experience for people the first time you create or edit a document with them in the middle of it with you.

  1. Leverage the power of Electronic Signatures – one of the hottest topics in real estate is electronic signatures. Everywhere you look, people are talking about this – and with good reason! Because when you use electronic signatures, you save time, you save resources and you increase the level of service you provide to your clients. And let’s not fool ourselves; we are getting very close to the point where buyers and sellers expect you to use electronic signatures. With Drive you can integrate DocuSign directly into it. In the image below, you can see that DocuSign appears as a primary file type when you click the main “CREATE” button inside Drive. When you click on that option, you are logged directly into DocuSign from Drive. Major convenience. An additional point to make here is that DocuSign Mobile works great with an iPad or an iPad Mini.

  1. Leverage other third-party integrations – in addition to DocuSign, there are many other third-party, web-based productivity apps specifically designed for Drive. And many of these (Floorplanner, HelloFax, Lulu, Sliderocket, Nivio and WeVideo) have useful application for real estate professionals.

  1. Search and find all your real estate documents – if Google is famous for anything, it’s search. And this carries over into Drive, where you can search for and find anything instantly using a variety of methods native to Drive. Imagine being able to search for and find – instantly – a closing file from five years ago. Or a client file from 2003. With Drive, once you build up your library of past transactions (which is easy and requires nothing more than a scanner), you can do exactly that. Your entire historical archive in the palm of your hand? Yes, please.

  1. Kill three real estate storage needs with one Drive – when it comes to storage, today’s real estate professionals often have three primary needs: 1) a need to have collaborative access to hard drives (because so many are working in a team environment)  2) a need to have large-capacity storage (because so many are working with high-res photos and video, which are typically huge files), and 3) a need to have remote access to everything (because agents are so mobile by nature, and resources are wasted when things are not accessed remotely). Drive inexpensively solves all three problems ($1.99 per month for 100GB, which is super affordable), is infinitely scalable and so readily accessible.

  1. Access key real estate files offline – you can selectively sync your mobile device to Drive so you can access any key real estate files you want to access OFFLINE. While this may not be necessary very often, if you work in a rural area or in midtown Manhattan, where cell and wi-fi coverage can be hit-or-miss, this is a great feature to have. When you need it, you really need it! Drive allows you to store whatever you want onto your mobile device, making those files “internet connection failure” proof.

  1. Amp up the level of your real estate services – when you fully leverage Drive in your real estate business, you have many opportunities to provide a level of service to your clients that you simply cannot provide any other way. Let us give you one small example: working with a client on a buyer tour. Here is a partial list of how you can use Drive in this one narrow context to provide a customer experience your competitors are probably not providing:

    1. Create a Google Document for the particular buyer tour inside the client folder you previously created for this buyer

    2. Print to PDF the listings you plan to show the buyer on the tour and upload the PDF to the Google Document inside your client’s Drive folder

    3. Use dictation to add transcribed notes inside the Google Document pointing out any specific matters of interest you want to bring to your buyer’s attention

    4. Share the Google Document with your clients before you meet them so they can review the properties and your notes on their mobile device or other computer at their leisure

    5. As you tour the properties, further annotate the Google Document with dictated notes, written notes, photos and videos

    6. At the end of the tour, share everything you created on the tour with your clients – while you’re still standing there talking with them!

Continuing that last example, do you think that collection of actions might make a positive impression on a client? We know that it does, because we’ve done it. Countless times.

And there are many other examples we can give you where you can leverage the power of Google Drive in your real estate business each and every day. To do things faster. And easier. And more efficiently. From anywhere you happen to be.

We hope you will give Drive a try.

It can change the way you run your business.

And the way you live your life.