In this insightful episode of Mortgage Marketing Radio, Geoff Zimpfer welcomes Jordan Nutter to discuss the intersection of mortgage marketing, financial literacy, and social media strategy. Jordan shares her mission to enhance financial literacy throughout the nation, diving into the nuances of balancing loan origination with her 50-city tour in 32 states alongside her family.

We also unpack how Jordan’s viral video success created 4,000 leads boasting an impressive 33.33% conversion rate.

Key Points Discussed:

– The significance of Jordan Nutter’s mission to enhance financial literacy across various communities.

– The role authentic content and social media play in building trust and educating potential clients.

– Methods and best practices for creating engaging, educational content, particularly for credit-challenged borrowers.

– Jordan’s approach to batch content creation, mobile editing for authenticity, and consistency in posting on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

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