I was recently talking with a fellow mortgage professional out of Colorado. Every time he gets a chance, he surveys his local agents who already have a lender they work with.
One of his questions is:

“What’s one thing about your current lender relationship you’d want to improve – if you could?”Complaint

What do 90% of the agents tell him? Better communication. Before, during and after the transaction. Be responsive.

That may not be earth shattering news but it’s amazing to discover it’s still the #1 pain point agents have with Loan Officers. Want a quick way to surprise agents and ‘show’ them you’re proactive with your communication?

Take 15-30 minutes and call your A+B Agents every Friday.You’ll likely get a voicemail but either way simply say this:

“Hi (Name),

“It’s (Your Name) with (Your Company) just wanted to let you know I’ll be available this weekend should you need help with loan questions, pre-quals or need open-house flyers. I know proactive communication is important to you. It’s my #1 priority too. So if I can be of service, feel free to call me at (Your Number). If you need help on anything. You can count I me. Have a great weekend!”

Obviously you can adjust the above script to suit your situation but you get the idea? You think a lot of Mortgage Loan Officers are doing this in your area? The real question is…are YOU?!

What are your thoughts? Share. Comment. Thank you!