Qualifying for a Mortgage: Most Consumers Still Misled

A recent study by Fannie Mae reveals that most consumers are still mis-informed about what it takes to qualify for a home mortgage. In prior surveys, renters have told Fannie Mae that saving for a down payment and their credit score are the leading obstacles to obtaining a mortgage. When asked to identify accurate key mortgage […]

People Are Judging You…Two Important Traits for Success

You’ve heard the saying that “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression?” New research supports that as being true. In fact, according to Harvard social psychologist Amy Cuddy, and her new book “Presence,” people are quickly answering two questions when they first meet you. Can I trust this person? Can […]

Social Selling for Mortgage Professionals: 3 Truths and Lies

Remember the old Yahoo! commercial? The tag line was: “Do you Yahoo!?” I remember when Yahoo was the default search engine at one time. I also remember when there were a lot more Nokia phones than iPhones. My how fast things can change. Today its all about Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and the proliferation of […]

Millennial Mortgage Marketing: Free eBook and Webinar

Today, I’m happy to share with you another resource to help you understand the millennial homebuyer and position yourself to capture your fair share of this large market segment over the next five years. You know from our previous posts that in 2014 buyers who were 34 and younger comprised 32 percent of the homebuyer market […]

Is Failure Required for Success?

Are you afraid of failure? Truth be told there’s been may times in my life where I missed out on opportunity, growth and career advancement because I was afraid of failing. I looked up the definition of failure. It said “lack of success.” That’s B.S.! Thomas Edison is often credited with the following quote: “I […]