When I was younger, without the responsibilities of “earning a living” I’d sit down in front of the TV for entire days sometimes, watching TV or playing Nintendo. I noticed if I did it for around six hours or more I’d feel particularly lazy.

Despite knowing this from experience, I have to say that I’m still a bit shocked at the data that’s come out about just how bad sitting down is for you. You could say that the obesity epidemic in America is caused not just by the amount of processed, fatty, salty, sugary foods available in extra large portions, but also because we sit down all day.

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That’s a dangerous combination. Why? Because you put all this junk into your body, then by sitting down for long periods you switch your body off from doing anything with it. Like performing at your best as a Mortgage Professional!

One Of The Best Productivity And Health Changes I Ever Made

One of the best decisions I ever made in terms of productivity and health is to switch to a stand up desk.

I can’t recall where I first saw the idea of using a desk that you stand up at, it was probably a blogger who made the switch and wrote about it, but I recently decided to make the change myself.

Why I Like Standing Up To Work

A stand up desk has been great for the following reasons –

1. Posture and energy flow through the body are much improved when standing up in correct alignment.

desk standing

I used to have a sore back and shoulders on a regular basis, especially when I started spending a lot of time hunched over my computer trying to get a DU accept on my loan files. I’m pretty confident it was because I’d spend 10+ hours in a chair, staring at a screen, hunched over. I pushed my body because my mind wanted to keep working. It loves the feeling of being productive, even to the detriment of the body.

Thanks to the stand up desk and the dynamic nature of how I structure my day now, I rarely have physical complaints (except sore muscles from weight training, but that’s a good kind of pain).

The only time I sit down for long periods is when I write or when watch a movie or TV show. But of course I typically keep it to a maximum of two hours of sitting at any given time when possible.

2. I like that I can easily walk away.

Back when I used to work in a chair at a desk, I often found myself “trapped”. I’d get so lazy that I could spend hours staring at the screen, often doing no productive work. The web is a great procrastination tool after all.

With a stand up desk I walk away from the computer all the time. You don’t experience that feeling of apathy or laziness that sets in while sitting.

3. It might save your eyes too.

As a side benefit, my eyes are also a lot happiereyeballs

With a stand up table you are constantly taking micro breaks, moving around and looking at different things. Your eyes are not built to stare at objects, like a monitor, close up for long periods of time. They like to look at things in the distance and change focus from near to far and back again. This is exercise for the eye muscle, which like all muscles, is designed to be dynamic, to change, not locked into one setting for long durations.

Because I walk away from a stand up desk more frequently, I’m not staring at the screen consistently.

Tip! – If you are a high intensity computer user and you want to look after your eyes, go outside and stare at the mountains, or buildings, or whatever is off in the distance for 15 minutes every two hours – preferably every hour. This could save your eyesight long term.

These are just the obvious health benefits from a stand up desk, which in turn will make you more productive when it comes to work output. If your body is kept in better condition, then naturally you can produce more without tiring out. It’s win-win for your health and your business!

 My Stand Up Desk

There’s lots of options for stand up desks. You can spend under $50.00 or over $500 depending on your preferences, work space and budget. I got mine for about $40.00 at Amazon. I’ll like upgrade to a more complete stand-up workstation solution but for short term, this puppy gets me standing, with more energy immediately.

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My Stand Up Desk

So you want more energy? Besides getting good sleep, eating right and exercising, pay attention to how many hours a day you’re sitting for long periods.

In the words of the late, great Bob Marley…Get up. Stand Up. Don’t give up the fight!

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