In this episode, myself along with Brian Vieaux, and Kyle Draper delve into the concept of the next generation mortgage loan officer and what it takes to thrive in the modern mortgage industry. 

We discuss the importance of embracing technology, being a digital native, and the significance of personalized customer service in catering to the diverse needs of the modern client.

We also talk about the new book collaboration for Rethink Everything You “Know” About Being a NextGen Loan Officer.

Key Points Discussed:

Understanding the next generation homebuyer and their digital native characteristics

The significance of leveraging technology to engage with clients and provide tailored solutions

The role of education and expertise in becoming a next generation loan officer


00:00 Discussion on new book for mortgage loan officers.

05:55 NextGen home buyers prefer online relationships.

09:32 Virtual connections form meaningful, impactful relationships swiftly.

12:51 Guide for loan officers to engage next generation.

15:04 Baffled by loan opinions, focus on educating.

19:31 Innovative book format creates interactive reader experience.

21:32 Encouraging listeners to get book, share episode.

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