In an age of interaction, the simplest path to competitive advantage is higher quality interaction.

(Read that again.)

competitive advantage

Offering low-quality interactions in an omni-connected world is equivalent to burning your personal brand, your reputation, downgrading your like-ability and eroding the trust your audience has been allowing you.

Engagement and trust is earned with every interaction. How? By offering quality interactions through your customer experience.

Time is our most precious commodity. Waste someone’s time with irrelevant social media, email or other self-serving customer experiences and you’ll see your engagement and response rates slowly die.

Messages like:

“Now’s the Time to Refinance” Really? Why?

That message is empty, vague and offers no invitation for a higher quality interaction.

The question to ask yourself before sharing, emailing, re-tweeting or whatever is: “How is this relevant to my audience.” “Will this content educate, inform or entertain?”

How about a message like:

“How to Know If Refinancing Your Mortgage is Right For You”

Can you see the difference? It offers an invitation to engage and learn more vs. a generic, non-benefit driven interruption of “now’s the time with no context.”
Do you struggle with effective messaging that drives quality interactions?
Would you be interested in a private Facebook Group, with no hidden promo agendas to collectively learn how to drive more quality interactions with your customers and partners? 

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Carpe Diem!