Here’s a mortgage tech-tool you can use to make it easy to revisit web content when you’re browsing and don’t have the time to read or watch in that moment.

Do you ever find yourself browsing online articles, webpages, videos and want to save them for reading later? Pocket is an easy to use bookmark tool that helps you to save content and articles you find on the web to your “pocket,” making it easy to access for your later.


When it comes to “read it later” services that let you save web content today to read or watch when you have time, you only have two serious options these days:Pocket and Instapaper. Both are great, but they’ve diverged a bit over the years and play to different strengths.

Here are a few of the features that are exclusive to each service:


  • Tagging system to organize articles
  • Quick direct sharing with other Pocket users
  • Built-in social network for publicly sharing articles and finding recommendations
  • Instant import of URLs from your clipboard in the mobile apps
  • Syncs with Kobo reader
  • Desktop app for Mac


  • Text highlighting
  • Variety of font options in reader view
  • Follow other users and see their recommended articles
  • Organize articles into folders
  • In-line article commenting
  • Tons of sorting options to find articles quickly
  • Speed reading options
  • Syncs with Amazon Kindle
  • Build-in “reading times” for articles

One of the biggest key differences is in how you organize articles. Pocket uses a tagging system where you quickly add tags to any article, then search and sort by tag later on. Instapaper uses a pretty clunky folder system that only allows you to put an article in one folder at a time. Depending on how you prefer to organize your stuff, this can be a dealbreaker.



Both Instapaper and Pocket are free. However, both have optional subscription models that toss in premium features. They’re not required by any means, and most users can likely get by without spending a dime.

The Bottom Line: Pocket Is Best for Multimedia, Instapaper Is Best for Pure Reading

After using both Pocket and Instapaper, I think there’s pretty good distance between the two. Pocket is best for people who like to save multimedia, or save just as many videos, image and vine-heavy articles, or mixed media. Instapaper’s best for people who just want to read text articles they find on the web.