In this episode, we’ll explore the power of partnerships and how loan originators can be indispensable allies to real estate agents, especially in today’s challenging market.

Tim Braheem was recognized as one of the top fifty producing loan originators in the United States, reaching a peak in personal production of 676 loans for a total of $236,000,000 in loan volume.

Tim speaks on the art of collaboration, offering scripts and strategies for strengthening relationships with agent partners. He’ll also touch on the softer side of sales, sharing his unique approach to client consultations.

Tim delves into the ‘inner game’ of success, explaining how energy management and daily routines can set you up for peak performance. We’ll wrap up with Tim’s take on how to nurture client loyalty, maintain a competitive edge, and keep your buyers from exploring alternatives.

Strap in for an enlightening conversation that might just change the way you approach your business and life! Share this episode with your colleagues, and don’t forget to leave us a review.

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