So this past weekend my family and I decided to have some fun and go tubing! Yay!

You know what tubing is right? tubing

It’s seems innocent and fun. Take one power boat, one inflatable tube or raft and get pulled at high speeds across a body of water.

Simple right?

I knew of the three of us hanging on for dear life on that speeding tube, one of us would be thrown off.

What I wasn’t prepared for was being violently thrown from the tube at 35MPH and tumbling across the water like a rag doll, breaking a bone in my hand!

IMG_1673 See the X-RAY photo —> Hand bone next to the pinky. Ouch!


I knew better. I should have just let go when it was obvious the speed of  the boat and the cresting waves of the water were taking their toll on me.


Instead, I wanted to display my toughness and hang on to prove I could  beat this thing!

What’s the lesson here?


Sometimes in life you just have to “let go.”

Let go of a business relationship.
Let go of a personal relationship.
Let go of a marketing tactic that’s no longer effective.
Let go of your past.
Let go of hang ups and hurts.
Let go of beating yourself up.
Let go of receiving these emails if you get no value from me?

If you don’t let go, you may wind up getting hurt, wasting time or spinning your wheels.

What or who do you need to let go of today in your life?

I’m not letting go of you! If you’ll have me, you’ll continue to receive relevant content to help you grow your business and improve your life.

Stick around. Hang on if you choose or go if you feel the need. Either way, I appreciate you. 

More ‘good stuff’ to come.