Are you afraid of failure?

Truth be told there’s been may times in my life where I missed out on opportunity, growth and career people-who-found-success-despite-failures_517ae4dd89639_w1500advancement because I was afraid of failing.

I looked up the definition of failure. It said “lack of success.”

That’s B.S.!

  • Thomas Edison is often credited with the following quote: “I have not failed. I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
  • Steven Spielberg was rejected by the USC School of Cinematic Arts multiple times.
  • Dr. Seuss had his first book rejected by 27 different publishers.

It’s all about your mindset. Not getting a specific result you want (failure) is simply feedback. How you choose to respond to the feedback is what keeps you stuck or sets you free to move forward

Failure is not permanent and its a required part of the process. It’s where learning and evolving happens.

I recently started a new workout program called Daily Burn. Lots of great video workouts on-demand. One of the programs is called “Live to Fail.” Its hard!

Think about it. If you want to make a muscle grow, increase your strength or cardiovascular capacity, you have to reach the point of muscle and oxygen failure. Only in the failure does your body build additional capacity to perform at a higher level.

How you respond to “failure” is a choice you make every day. A loan setback, a REALTOR sending business elsewhere or a prospect choosing a competitor.

So what have you not been doing because you may be afraid of failing?

Today, decide to choose at least one thing either you haven’t yet started or you stopped because you didn’t get your intended result on your first attempt.

Let me know what that one thing is. I’m cheering for you to keep going!

Whether it’s personal or business, it doesn’t matter. Just getting “back on the horse” will reboot personal momentum towards achieving your outcome.

My one thing is to get back to creating more video content for you ~ today! Would you like that? 

What’s your one thing? Comment and let me know.