So we’ve been talking a lot about Millennials the past couple weeks. Guess who else wants to better understand how to effectively attract and engage Millennials?

Referral partners!

You already know a great way to add value and connect with agents is by sharing relevant content.

Today we’re sharing an infographic you can pass along to your agents to help educate them. Infographics are a very shareable form of content marketing and people love them, when they’re done well.

infographic-inside-the-millenial-mind-650pxHere’s a link to an infographic you can share with your agents via email, social, LinkedIn.

Just click the image and upload it to your Facebook page or email it out to your agents.

They’ll appreciate you sharing. You might want to also mention you have programs specifically for Millennials that require little downpayment, flexible credit options, etc.

Great conversation starter!

Share and profit!