So you’ve by now seen all the reasons why New Year’s Resolutions don’t work and all that noise on that topic right? While I would agree most people’s New Years Resolutions are quickly thrown aside – I know that YOU are not ‘most’ people. You’re reading this (thank you) and that says you’re committed to success.

So, my first blog post for 2015 is about what we’re really trying to achieve with resolutions.

It’s called *progress*.

You may know that I spent several years working directly with Tony Robbins before becoming a Mortgage Loan Officer. So I dug up a “New Years” coaching video of Tony from 2014. It’s just as relevant today if you’re looking to not just make a resolution, but to actually make significant progress this year.

 Set aside about 30 minutes, grab a notepad and enjoy a free coaching session from Tony to help you achieve your goals and vision for 2015.

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Happy New Year!