In this episode, we dive into the art of refining the client experience in the mortgage industry with expert guest Mike Seminari, Director of Customer Experience (CX) with STRATMOR Group.

Discover how to transform excellent service into a robust referral system and why your process can make or break client satisfaction.

Key Points Discussed:

– The strategic importance of optimizing the customer experience to gain more referrals in the mortgage sector.

– Mike Seminari’s tips on how to incorporate monthly customer experience (CX) enhancements and why he recommends reaching out for his CX tip sheet.

– The detrimental effects of process pain points like miscommunication and redundancy on the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

– The significant impact that effective communication and setting accurate expectations have on a customer’s likelihood to refer.

– Using visual aids to guide customers through the loan journey and the vitality of being adaptable to feedback.

STRATMOR Mortgage CX program benefits, including detailed analysis and benchmarking for loan officers.

– Mike’s perspective on the importance of prior relationships and testimonials over interest rates in lender selection by clients.

Listen in to continue to pivot, innovate, adapt, and overcome!

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