256px-Linkedin_icon.svg_This week I received a LinkedIn message from a fellow mortgage colleague who’s been originating loans in the same market for 20 years.

He spoke of converting 99.5% of loan referrals, consistently delivering timely loan status updates, years of hosting agent lunches and cocktail parties and personally qualifying buyers at night and on weekends.

His frustration is that even with all that effort, he still finds agents who do the “here’s three loan officers” and has buyers who still shop him after delivering a pre-qual.”

Can you relate? Do you share similar frustrations?

The simple truth is we’ll likely never eliminate 100% of that but we can minimize and greatly reduce that from occurring. How?

My answer to him [and you] if you’re open to some coaching is this:

It comes down to setting expectations and who’s in control? How do you do that?

Do you have a process and script to position yourself as a trusted advisor and clearly map out expectations from all involved parties? Positioning yourself as a leading authority is half the battle in setting the tone and positioning for control in your relationship.

An equally [perhaps more] important component is mapping out expectations and a path forward to address this situation well in advance.

How do you do that? Use a script. Don’t wing it!compass map

A script is like a flight plan. It maps out your destination and plans for contingencies like rate shopping, slippery agent behavior etc.

So I want to help my LinkedIn friend and hopefully you as well. Below is a quick example of a possible talk track [script] you can further enhance and incorporate into your “rules of engagement.” I hope you find value in it. Leave your comment or like if you do!

Sample Agent Script:

“Mr/Mrs Agent, we’ve been working together for a while now, can I ask if I’ve demonstrated unique value as a business partner for you? I enjoy working with you and I’d like to ensure we continue to deliver the level of service and value you’ve come to expect from us.

One way for me to continue to deliver fast, reliable service is by going deep vs. wide. Meaning, rather than work with 30 agents, I prefer to work with an exclusive group of agents who depend on me for 100% of their mortgage related needs.

By going deep vs. wide, I can spend more time giving attention to the needs of you and your clients vs. spending more time on marketing myself to other agents.”

Does that make sense?

Great. Can I have your commitment that I am your go-to person for all your mortgage related needs?

Sample Consumer Script:

“Mr/Mrs Client: As we enter into a relationship, you should know my #1 focus is to help you choose the right mortgage for your specific situation and be considered your trusted advisor.

Is that what you’re looking from from a Mortgage Professional?


Then one request I have is that we agree to have full disclosure through our journey together. I will be working very hard for you (as I said) to get you the very best mortgage for your situation.

You’ll likely begin to notice various ads for mortgages touting rates and fees. There’s a lot of noise out there and as your trusted advisor, I want to ensure you understand how those mortgages ads you hear and see actually work.

(Educate them re: advertised rates vs. real rates after pre-qual/underwriting)

So my request is that if you hear or see something out there regarding mortgages and you want to learn more about it and see what’s real or not; we talk through it together because I can help you separate the truth from the hype. Furthermore, rates change daily and vary greatly by loan program, terms etc.

If we do find another option out there that’s a better fit for your specific needs, I can either deliver that for you with the same or better terms or help you make a transition if indeed it’s the best solution for your needs.

Does that make sense? Great because my #1 goal is to be your Trusted Advisor, earning your trust and loyalty as we go through this process together.

Does that sound acceptable to you? Great!

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