On this episode we welcome Travis Thom, a renowned Facebook and Instagram ad expert and AI marketing strategist, back to Mortgage Marketing Radio for an insightful episode on cutting-edge digital marketing strategies in the mortgage and real estate industries.

Key Points Discussed:

– The transition from traditional long landing pages to streamlined, mobile-optimized versions that enhance conversion rates.

– The emergence of concise bio links and lead ad forms, challenging the dominance of traditional landing pages.

– Skepticism towards the capabilities of AI in fully replacing human interaction, with a focus on maintaining a balance between technology and personal touch.

– The “perfect funnel” strategy for video content marketing and its effectiveness in creating brand awareness and customer retargeting.

– Recommendations for budgeting and reach on video marketing campaigns aimed at maximizing brand visibility.

– Elevated REM Training as a resource for mastering AI and social media marketing tactics.

– The importance of personal branding and authentic content production within organizations, leveraging employee-driven content creation.

– Discussion on the future of AI and human customer service integration, including the potential of indistinguishable AI-human voice capabilities.

– Highlights of Travis Thom’s successful track record in ad management and his advisory role with Facebook.

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