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You work with buyers right? Have agent you know that work with buyers? Here’s a sample of a Free Report you can copy and edit with your information or share with your buyers agents so they can edit and use.How do you use this?

You have a blog or Facebook page? Share it in your social sphere, post a download link and email your database asking them to share it with any homebuyers they may know looking to buy. Let’s not forget that this is a great tool to share with your agents, have a ‘coffee talk’ session about how you can team up and use this Free Report as something of value for homebuyer leads, Sphere of Influence etc.

You can hire someon at Fiverr to convert the report to Word and edit with your text and images as needed. BOOM! There it is. Relveant content for you and your agents t0 get you some referrals and closed loans. Download Here.

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