Welcome to the Mortgage Marketing Radio podcast episode #125. Today’s guest is Akshay (AK) Patel, a brand new mortgage lender who has built his business to over $40 million in loans in just two years. He talks about the methods, tips, and tricks he has used to move his business forward rapidly.

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AK and I met at the Mastermind Summit 2019 and got to spend an hour or so talking about his fast rise in the industry. He credits events like the Mastermind Summit for propelling his business forward. Networking and not being afraid to make the ask have been his strongest methods of generating leads and writing loans.

Cross-selling, creating his own mastermind, and not being afraid to dig in and do the leg work are the methods AK has used to grow his influence and his credibility in the market. As many have said before him, the worst someone can do is tell you know. Don’t be afraid to make the ask and get your name out there.

This episode is full of great nuggets. AK has truly rocketed to the top of the San Diego mortgage lending market and he spends an entire hour detailing how he did it. You will not want to miss this one.

How to find Ashkay:


What you will learn in this episode:

When used properly, cross-qualifying loans can build your credibility and authority in your market. (Wrong way: stealing loans)

The old methods of sales like making phone calls, knocking on doors, and sending mailers still work.

Set your standards high and make sure that those standards are kept by the people you’re working with.

In This Episode:

  • [00:31] – Welcome back to the show. We’re almost through June, are you on track?
  • [01:35] – Want to grow your business? Talk to more people and get better at getting other people to choose you!
  • [03:01] – Let me know where you’re at in your business right now! Email me: podcast@mortgagemarketingradio.com
  • [03:56] – Learn how to grow your personal brand inside Mortgage Marketing Pro Membership!
  • [08:22] – Today’s review is from Katie Shive – “Hands down the BEST podcast for mortgage marketing professionals!”
  • [09:39] – AK takes us through a brief rundown of his mortgage marketing expertise and our topics for the day.
  • [12:41] – Going to events and hosting his mastermind has opened up AK’s network and built his knowledge base.
  • [22:59] – Don’t lead with the ask, lead with giving.
  • [23:25] – AK shares foolproof way of responding when agents say they already have a lender.
  • [27:29] – Use every opportunity to build your network with listing agents and buyer’s agents.
  • [28:42] – Being a cross-qualifying lender increases exposure and authority with agents.
  • [31:29] – Geoff had an alternative experience when selling his own house with his agent’s willingness to use a cross-qualifying lender.
  • [34:01] – Build up the value that you add by being a cross-qualifying lender, don’t go into it trying to steal the loan.
  • [37:26] – Be confident in your skills and you will attract confident, strong agents.
  • [39:27] – Don’t be scared to do the basic things. Knocking on doors does work.
  • [43:10] – Everything works some of the time, but not everything works for everyone. Do the things that work for your business.
  • [45:58] – The primary source of business for AK is realtors.
  • [48:10] – AK shares how he decides to add to his agent list and how high standards add value.
  • [55:42] – What is the toughest part of ramping up the business?
  • [58:12] – AK plans to learn how to use LinkedIn and create funnels to build up more of his business going forward.
  • [1:01:17] – AK shares investing in mentors and coaching has helped his business grow so quickly.
  • [1:02:39] – You can find AK on Instagram and give him a call: (858) 207-8436
  • [1:04:47] – If you liked the episode, you know what to do! Leave us some love.

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