We’ve got Canadian Mortgage innovatorJason Henneberry as our special guest on today’s episode. Jason dropped invaluable insights on emotional selling, financial education, and the critical skills for thriving: audience building, deal creation, and deal conversion.

05:34 Tightened regulations impact mortgage market, 2025 surge.

07:32 Retail versus independent mortgage brokers in sales.

12:16 Real estate market shifting due to rising rates.

13:31 Business strategies evolving, focusing on social media.

18:39 Connect, convert conversations into meaningful business interactions.

20:27 Content should address emotional pain points effectively.

24:06 Key to education, expert status attracts engagement.

27:24 Loan officers teach real estate financing strategies.

29:49 Consistency and perseverance lead to success in business.

32:42 Unique situations go beyond traditional borrowing limits.

36:01 High income earners often seek alternate financing.

40:27 Prepare for future busy periods and adjustments.

43:46 Book focuses on deliberate practice, not habits.

44:54 53 days on program led to lasting habits.