How To Get 300+ Five-Star Google Reviews

In this episode, John Cornish shares his expertise on how to improve the Google five-star review process for his business and his REALTOR partners. He shares his passion for helping REALTORs educate themselves on Google profile optimization and believes that by implementing his process, REALTORs can improve their online reputation and generate more business. John’s […]

Building Your Wealth Advisory Team to Get More Referrals

In this episode, we had the privilege of sitting down with Justin Stoddart, author of “The Upstream Model: Hidden Secrets to Building a Massive Referral Business While Crushing Big Tech Competitors”. We dive deep into the concepts of moving upstream from Solicitor to Peer and Mentor. Here’s a rundown of what we discussed: We’re going to […]

The #1 Purchase Originator in the Nation

Welcome to another exciting episode of Mortgage Marketing Radio!  In this episode, we have a special guest, Matt Weaver, joining us.  Matt is not only the #1 purchase loan originator in the nation but also an expert in leveraging real estate agent partnerships for his business. During our conversation, Matt shares his valuable insights on […]

Secrets of Connecting that Lead to Converting

In this episode, we dive into the world of real estate and uncover the strategies that mega agents use to effectively convert leads into clients. Our special guest, Grant Wise, a renowned expert in content and video marketing, joins us to reveal the secrets behind successful lead conversion through the power of connection. Grant shares […]