Closing 38 Loans From Posting Videos

In this episode we talk with “The Mortgage Dads” as they unpack their journey into going all in with video online. Directly from posting video content, they’ve closed over 38 loans and they’re just getting started. Listen and apply what you learn from this episode. Be inspired to take action and soon you’ll be adding loans to […]

Creating Residual Income in Your Mortgage Business

Today we’re talking with Kevin Ducey about diversifying your income. Kevin is the Vice President Of Business Development at Comma Insurance. He has a wealth of experience in mortgage marketing strategies and building residual income. His perspective on “mortgage marketing strategies: reviews, success stories, and insurance investment” is that investing in an insurance agency can be a viable option for […]

Master the Market of the Moment

Today, we’re master the market of the moment AND celebrating 300 episodes of Mortgage Marketing Radio with host Geoff Zimpfer. Listen in to continue to pivot, innovate, adapt, and overcome! Episode Resources:

Lessons in Lead Generation and Marketing Automation

This episode is the prequel to my recent conversation with Michael McAllister about becoming a NextGen Mortgage Originator. We talk about the evolution of marketing technology, the consumer journey and the new partnership Michael and I are announcing. Learn More About High Level Learn More About myAgent Classes

What is a NextGen Mortgage Originator?

A NextGen Mortgage Originator is one who embraces both the traditional sources of business like database, referral partners and an online presence using digital tools and platforms to attract and engage consumers directly. In this episode Michael McAllister, the founder of EmpowerLO and I unpack both the importance of becoming a NextGent Originator and how […]