Lessons in Lead Generation and Marketing Automation

This episode is the prequel to my recent conversation with Michael McAllister about becoming a NextGen Mortgage Originator. We talk about the evolution of marketing technology, the consumer journey and the new partnership Michael and I are announcing. Learn More About High Level Learn More About myAgent Classes

What is a NextGen Mortgage Originator?

A NextGen Mortgage Originator is one who embraces both the traditional sources of business like database, referral partners and an online presence using digital tools and platforms to attract and engage consumers directly. In this episode Michael McAllister, the founder of EmpowerLO and I unpack both the importance of becoming a NextGent Originator and how […]

How to Identify Your Ideal Clients and Partners

On this episode we talk with Sam May who’s leading a small team of mortgage originators in the Solana Beach, CA area. They’re on pace to close $100 Million in funded loans in 2023. Sam is crushing it with his local agents, teaching classes and building a well-known personal brand for his team. Listen in as we […]

Closing Five Loans from Teaching Classes

Today we’re bringing another Mortgage Marketing PRO member success story to you. What if you could host one or two agent classes per month and fund five loans or more every time you did. Would you be open to learning more? This episode features Louie Wickett with Homeside Lending and how he’s funded 5 loans from teaching just two classes. Are […]

The Truth About Recruiting

Today’s episode is a candid conversation about recruiting in the mortgage industry. The truth, lies and misconceptions about signing bonuses, compensation, company leadership and how to know when it’s time to leave or time to stay at your current company. Andy Stewart is the VP of Operations and Dave Hendriksen is the SVP of Sales […]