Endure and Thrive! Finish 2024 Strong

Today we’re hanging with Dustin Owen, VP of Eastern Division Sales at Waterstone Mortgage, to discuss the keys to success in the mortgage industry, the importance of endurance, and how to thrive in today’s market. Dustin dives deep into the fundamentals of building a successful mortgage career. He emphasizes the importance of having 10 meaningful conversations a day, […]

How to Make Social Media Easier

In this episode I meet up with my friend Josh Pitts and discuss the importance of consistent content creation on social media for mortgage professionals. The focus is on personal connections and community engagement rather than constantly promoting mortgage-related content. We talk about Josh’s new Shredit app, which simplifies the video editing process for social media […]

Mastermind Summit Key Takeaways

In this episode, I share a few of the biggest takeaways from the recent Mastermind Summit in Las Vegas. I’ll discuss strategies and tactics for closing out the year strong in the mortgage industry. We review the importance of executing the fundamentals, such as building relationships with referral partners, having conversations, and staying in front […]

Building a Memorable Brand

In this episode, we talk with Scott Payne from Shape CRM to discuss the importance of standing out in business and optimizing lead management for loan officers. Scott shares his journey of becoming memorable in the industry through his unique personal branding, which includes wigs, humorous t-shirts, and fitness videos. **Top 5 Keys You’ll Learn** 1. **Being […]

How to Become a More Confident Loan Officer

This episode shares key takeaways and frameworks to evaluate your results as a mortgage originator. We discuss the value of feedback and how to sincerely ask your referral partners for feedback. We also share a cool strategy to talk with your referral partners that creates meaningful connections and lays the foundation for future referrals. Episode […]