From Facebook Ads to AI: A Modern Marketing Masterclass

On this episode we welcome Travis Thom, a renowned Facebook and Instagram ad expert and AI marketing strategist, back to Mortgage Marketing Radio for an insightful episode on cutting-edge digital marketing strategies in the mortgage and real estate industries. Key Points Discussed: – The transition from traditional long landing pages to streamlined, mobile-optimized versions that […]

The Power of Authentic Video Content in Mortgage Marketing

Today we’re talking with Mike Faraci. He’s the Founder & CEO of Red Button Media, a video content agency that specializes in creating authentic, professional video content and marketing strategies that get you the attention you deserve. **Here’s a breakdown of the top takeaways from our conversation with Mike:** 1. **Harnessing AI Tools for Content Creation:** Mike dishes […]

How to Optimize Your Client Experience to Get More Referrals

In this episode, we dive into the art of refining the client experience in the mortgage industry with expert guest Mike Seminari, Director of Customer Experience (CX) with STRATMOR Group. Discover how to transform excellent service into a robust referral system and why your process can make or break client satisfaction. Key Points Discussed: – […]

The Blueprint for Engaging Real Estate Partnerships

Join us in this enlightening episode of Mortgage Marketing Radio, with guest Daniel Simoanvsky, a top-referred insurance broker in the Kansas City area and a co-founder of a thriving insurance agency. In this episode, we delve into Daniel’s innovative approach to building meaningful relationships within the real estate and mortgage industry by leveraging social media, valuable […]

Embracing Digital Strategies with Jason Henneberry

We’ve got Canadian Mortgage innovatorJason Henneberry as our special guest on today’s episode. Jason dropped invaluable insights on emotional selling, financial education, and the critical skills for thriving: audience building, deal creation, and deal conversion. 05:34 Tightened regulations impact mortgage market, 2025 surge. 07:32 Retail versus independent mortgage brokers in sales. 12:16 Real estate market shifting due to rising rates. […]