You don’t want to miss this free online summit on May 7th. Last year over 20,000 people signed up — and it was excellent.

This year, one of my favorite sales authors, Jill Konrath will be kicking off the Sales Acceleration Summit with a short keynote on Outwitting Your Biggest Nemesis. (You might be surprised by what it is!)

The whole day is filled with 15-minute presentations from some of the smartest sales experts and Sales Summitbusiness leaders I know. You can join for whichever sessions interest you — and if you’re busy, you can listen in later.

Click here to register.

I’ve signed up for it. It’s well worth it!

P.S. Here are a few of the top-notch talent speaking on May 7th:

  • Brent Adamson, co-author of The Challenger Sale
  • Trish Bertuzzi, #1 Inside Sales expert
  • Steve Young, Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback
  • Jeffrey Gitomer, author of lots of sales books
  • Art Sobczak, author of Smart Calling
  • Colleen Stanley, author of Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success
  • Grant Cardone, author of The 10X Rule
  • Dave Elkington, CEO of

… and more. Sign up now. I hope you’ll listen in to at least one session!