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Welcome to the Mortgage Marketing Institute, the place where Mortgage Professionals can find useful information, advice, insights, resources, and inspiration for building a thought leadership platform, getting noticed in today’s noisy world and growing their business.

Geoff Zimpfer is a National Sales Trainer and Coach with Movement Mortgage, helping Mortgage Originators and Real Estate Agents leverage the power of social media and digital marketing to create a compelling personal brand that gets noticed and gets you, clients.

I’m also the host of the top-rated Mortgage Marketing Radio Podcast with over 250,000 downloads and growing.

Why You Need a Platform Today

A platform enables you to rise above the noise, get noticed and get customers by connecting your message right to the HEART of your audience.

A platform provides three benefits:

1. A platform provides visibility. The word platform itself is a metaphor for a stage on which you are positioned above the crowd. A platform makes it possible for you to be seen by more people within your target audience. This is especially important when you want to get noticed in today’s noisy world.

2. A platform provides amplification. Competing for people’s attention today is harder than ever. Building a platform as a thought leader by sharing relevant content provides leverage so you and your message can reach more people in less time.

3. A platform provides a personal connection. What people want today is authentic and personal connections both online and off. They want to know, like and trust you before they do business with you. A platform is where you connect with people through two-way conversations, build your tribe and have meaningful engagement.

Ready to Build Your Platform?

If you’re serious about taking yourself and your business, to the next level, you’ll get there quicker and have a greater impact and sustainability by building a platform . This is your chance to take out the guesswork, frustration, and wasted time/money that comes with building yours the wrong way.

We have seen, tried, and tested what works … and what doesn’t. You won’t find speculation or broad theories in this book. Just tried and true tactics and real-life examples from people just like you who are achieving results.

Now is your time. If you’ve ever struggled with how to build a platform, been confused about social media, or if you’ve started and become discouraged, now is the time to restart.

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