My special guest on today’s episode is Wade Vander Molen; the DC Title Guy. Wade was actually the very first guest I had on this podcast back in 2016.

This episode is an update to catch up and see what’s going on in his business since we last spoke in 2016.

Wade has done a great job building his own personal brand in his local market of Washington D.C. Virginia area.

Wade Vander Molen Mortgage Marketing Radio

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Wade has continued to leverage his educational approach to deliver value and become essentially a coach for Real Estate Agents, helping them grow their business. So I asked Wade what his #1 source of business is and he said teaching agent classes.

What does Wade teach Agents?

How to get started with YouTube, video marketing, business planning, social media and other relevant topics that help Agents grow their business.

Wade doesn’t make cold calls. He makes warm calls because he’s known in his area as The DC Title Guy who teaches classes, educates and adds value. When he calls Agents, it’s a welcome “hi Wade” call vs. “yeah I’m busy…what do you want?”

Biggest takeaways you don’t want to miss and links mentioned

  • Check Out Wade’s YouTube Channel
  • How to Build Your Tribe of Fans
  • How to Attract Agents With Education and Value
  • Wade’s Educational Based Website

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