My special guest today is Dave Simms. He’s the CEO of Floify, an industry leading mortgage automation and point of sale solution.

Do you want to fully automate your mortgage business? Check out Floify. You want to create a smooth and simple borrower experience? Prospects, leads, minimize headaches, to reduce the communication back and forth.

Floify has everything you want. From a point of sale mobile friendly portal to provide web based access for your borrowers to interact with their loan. From application to clear to close. A really simple easy to use interface. Documentation, e-signatures, integration with your LOS. All in one single easy to use system that fits in the palm of your hand. That’s right, your mobile phone.

We’re also talking about good communication on this episode. That’s one of the hallmarks of creating a world class customer experience, is good communication. Influencing the borrower experience, and your referral partners to keep them sending business your way.

Ep #80: How to Automate Your Mortgage Business to Close Loans Faster, Deliver a World Class Borrower Experience and Impress Referral Partners

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Floify is packed with easily customizable and automated communication milestone solutions. For your borrowers, your referral partners, and anybody else involved in the transaction.

They also have a really cool, smooth polished digital 1003 to increase submission rates and conversion rates. Totally secure. And then of course, integrations up the wazoo.

So if you’re interested in automating, streamlining, putting processes in your business to help you close loans faster, make borrowers happier and impress referral partners? Check out Floify.

We have a special link to Floify, I’m gonna put it in the show notes, but for those listeners that want to check out more, it’s And you’re going to get a 25% discount off your first four months of service!

Biggest takeaways you don’t want to miss and links mentioned:

  • How to Keep Borrowers Engaged in the Process
  • Why a Mortgage Point of Sale Is Essential
  • How to Automate Borrower and Agent Communication
  • How to Leverage Floify to Close Loans Faster
  • Delivering a Mobile Friendly Modern Mortgage Experience
  • Learn More About Floify Here Get 25% Off!

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