Ryan Grant, is just an amazing human being, an amazing person, just in terms of who he is. He’s a quality person, but what he’s done, what he’s accomplished in the mortgage space in a very short period of time is remarkable.

Literally, within two years, he went from about $11 million to $60 million. Just last year in 2017, he helped over 200 families. He’s ranked as the number one lender in Orange County, California, which is a huge feat, that’s a very competitive market and he’s ranked as the number 38 lender; if I’m correct, nationwide.

The results speak for themselves in terms of not only his production, but if you go to Zillow and look up the Ryan Grant Team, you’ll see over 200 reviews, 4.8 stars average, and the raving comments that clients have.

Ep #72: Delivering a 5 Start Client Experience To Win in Today's Market

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As Ryan talks about, our job is not to “Pre-qual,” as a mortgage loan officer. Our job is to remove doubt. Ryan just does a great job on architect- going through how he architects his process.

If you just want to have a blueprint for what does a high performing mortgage professional and team look like and sound like? This is it.

Biggest takeaways you don’t want to miss and links mentioned:

>> Why Ryan is Excited About The Market Ahead
>> What Does a 5 Star Experience Look Like?
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