Our special guest this week is Ed Conarchy, with Cherry Creek Mortgage. Ed has closed over 4,000 loans in his career. That’s right, 4,000!

Ed and I unpack how to separate yourself from the typical path that most people come to you on, which is trying to put a mortgage in silo, or in a box of, “Okay, I need a 30 year fixed. I need the lowest rate.”

Like Ed asks hey, I you ask people in a mall, come up to him, “What’s better, 4.6 or 5%?” Well, people are conditioned to choose 4.6, right?

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What Ed and I talk about is, how do we take the mortgage conversation out of this silo and be more fiscally literate? What you’ll hear Ed talk about is how he’s self-educated himself to help him have a more fiscally literate conversation that teaches our prospects and clients one aspect of financial planning that they didn’t know before.

Ed will share actual examples of where he was able to win a deal by being half a point higher than another lender. He was the fourth lender that they shopped and came to, and he was still able to win the transaction, being a half a point higher.

Help your clients understand the long term financial impact of a mortgage, and then position yourself as being a key advisor in helping clients plan and understand their financial future and plan.

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Biggest takeaways you don’t want to miss and links mentioned:
>> What is Fiscal Literacy – and How Can You Get It?
>> Becoming a Wholistic Advisor
>> Taking the Rate Conversation Out of the Silo
>> Competing Against the “Push Button Mortgage”
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