Our special guest today is Heather Bomar, with Cornerstone Home Lending in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Heather is a superstar. Her 2017 stats were 299 families she helped, for a total of $67 million. And she’s a busy mom of four. Her kids’ ages? Two, four, six, eight.

We’re gonna dive into how she structures, obviously, her client customer process. She is a believer in delivering excellence. You’ll understand what her methods are for managing her day, for managing the client referral process. She’s recently got into doing some videos on social media, and you’ll hear what the impact of that is on her business.

Such a great conversation overall, and a great look into somebody who’s running a class act over there at Cornerstone Home Lending.

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Biggest takeaways you don’t want to miss:
>> How to Grow Your Production While Still Having a Life
>> Creating a High Impact Client and Partner Experience
>> Staying Top of Mind with Your Referral Partners
>> Heather’s Systems and Tools for Growth
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