I’m so thrilled to bring you our special guests here today, which are none other than Jeremy Williams, the founder and CEO of Steadkey, and special guest Sam Fannin, your mortgage man with Premier Nationwide Lending. What are we talking about here today?
We’re talking about Steadkey, a really cool tool that helps you automate your approval letters.
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How often are you frustrated and challenged with having to update approval letters, having to log into your clunky system when you’re not in front of a computer, and maybe your mobile version of that doesn’t work too well. How often are Agents frustrated because they got to contact you on weekends or nights to give an updated approval letter, because the price has changed, negotiations have changed, terms and so forth.
If you’re looking for a cool way to alleviate you from a lot of that low ROI producing work, low dollar value work, of just updating some basic numbers and a pre-approval letter and having to reissue that multiple times in a week or a month, well Steadkey could just be the right solution for you as you’ll hear about from our two guests today. As a matter of fact, you’ll hear from Sam who has been able to leverage Steadkey in such a way that it’s allowed him to grow his business.
Sam’s already a 30 million dollar producer. As a matter of fact, you’ll hear his story about how Steadkey has helped him raise his loan volume, grow his loan production, and has helped him be more successful in partnering with agents, grabbing their attention and adding value to their business, earning more referrals.
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Biggest takeaways you don’t want to miss:
>> How Does Steadkey Work?
>> Are You Giving Up Control?
>> Automating Your Pre-Approval Letters
>> Why Realtors and Clients Love Steadkey
>> Get in Touch With Steadkey

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