EP #60: How to Overcome "What's Your Rate" and Build A Superstar Team

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My special guest for this weeks episode is Stacia Weishaar.

After an extended hiatus from being a Mortgage Originator, she decided to re-enter the business and start from scratch.

For 2017, Stacia is on track to fund over 100 units and achieve over $40 Million in closed loans.

Stacia has a very intentional approach to building her business. In fact, her mission statement includes creating “delightful refuge” for her clients and partners during the mortgage process. How’s that for unique?

Biggest takeaways you don’t want to miss:

>> How to architect your ideal mortgage process
>> How to deal with “what’s your rate”
>> Creating a 5 star customer experience
>> Building your winning team with less stress
>> Time blocking to get more done in less time
>> How to easily get online reviews

In today’s noisy world it’s critical we create a process that builds trust and differentiates us from the myriad of options today’s consumer has.

How do we do that? You start with getting clear on your intentions and then build a plan and team to support you in achieving your vision.

That’s where Stacia excels. You’ll hear exactly how she positions herself with clients and partners to be in control of the process, allowing her clients to feel safe in choosing her as their Mortgage professional.

Links Mentioned:

Stacia’s Website

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