Michael Reagan is a Mortgage Loan Officer up in the Bay Area of Petaluma California. Michael is tracking to fund over $60 million and over 100 units for 2017.

When I saw him speak onstage at Todd Duncan’s Sales Mastery event I literally took two pages of notes in the short session that he had. He doing so many interesting and leveraged things with video.

How to Create Simple Mortgage Videos

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How would you like to create a predictable referral process when an agent refers you to a potential buyer?

Usually that’s a broken process. They don’t necessarily have the right language and maybe they do the three cards approach. But here’s the thing. You have an opportunity to add tremendous value to the agents when they refer you to buyers.

You’ll hear Michael unpack how he does this by creating a video for each specific core Agent that he works with.

Imagine a video where the agent simply sends an email with a link to your video that edifies that the client has made a smart choice in choosing the Agent who’s referred you.

How about all the various milestones stages in your loan process?

For example: “You’ve just completed your application, here’s what you can expect next.” So what’s cool is Michael has architected this Five-Star borrower experience and a five star REALTOR experience and that’s what separates you from the price shoppers.

Oh, that $60 Million that Michael’s funding this year, 80% of that comes from just seven agents. He works less than 40 hrs. per week doing $60Million!

Area you interested in hearing how Michael does it? Enjoy this weeks episode!

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • How to Create Simple Videos that Capture Agents and Clients
  • Creating a Predictable Agent Referral Process
  • Designing Your Five Star Customer and Agent Experience
  • Going Deep vs Wide With the Right Agents
  • Michaels Website

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