Ep # 45: How Top Agent Liz Johnson Built a Referral Network of 176 People Helping Her Sell Over 100 Homes a Year

We’re mixing it up a little bit and taking a pause from our discussion of The ONE Thing book. Today we’ve got a dynamo of a woman for this episode.

My guest this week is Liz Johnson of Keller Williams. She’s a cop’s wife and an ex-cop herself, a mother, combat veteran, entrepreneur, and so much more. Liz is a highly successful real estate agent from Washington State, but she hates cold-calling, so she came up with a unique approach to networking and engaging with her sphere of influence.

Liz and I dig into her unique referral program consisting of 176 MVP’s or “Most Valuable Partners” and her suggestions on how you can do the same.

Referral Partners

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If you want to learn more on how to leverage your sphere of influence, improve your referral rate, and more, check out Liz’s book Perk Your Sphere: Reward Those Who Reward You on Amazon.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • Liz’ Background and Her Book
  • The Beginnings of Her “No-Cold-Call” System
  • Marketing, Team Structuring, and Branding
  • Qualifying for Program Membership
  • Maximizing Facebook and Newsletters for Marketing
  • Lessons Learned and Roadblocks
  • …and more!

Links We Mentioned:

Liz Johnson’s Website

Get Liz’s Book Here

Perk Your Sphere Facebook Page

Liz Johnson’s Page on Keller Williams

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