We’re continuing our discussion on The ONE Thing and using the book of the same title as our basis for today’s topic that I call The Six Lies of Success.

In the book; The ONE Thing, there are six beliefs (or lies) in our heads that are reinforced through history, stories, modern media and well meaning friends and family.

Often times myths and mistruths are repeated so often the start sounding like the truth. How often do you find yourself saying ” I need balance” or being so busy you multitask your way to overwhelm?

Ep #43: The Six Lies of Success

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Do you find yourself feeling like you need to “get a life?” Do you rely on willpower only to find the well of willpower runs dry fairly quickly?

If we’re going to maximize our potential and be the best version of use we can be, we need to stop the lies. Buying into The ONE Thing can be difficult because we’ve bought into so many other things. But how’s that working out for ya?

More often than not, those “other things” muddle our thinking and sidetrack our success. This episode will help you recognize the success lies, free up your mind and embrace The ONE Thing with an open mind.

What You’ll Learn on This Episode:

  • What Are the Six Lies of Success
  • The Power of Focus
  • Discipline vs Habits
  • Should You “Go Big or Go Home?”

Resources Mentioned:

The ONE Thing Book

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