What’s your perception of someone who’s written and published their own book? Does being a published author help position someone as an authority with celebrity and expertise?

one in a million bookYou’ve heard it said: “perception is reality.” On today’s episode you’ll hear from top agent Erik Brown who’s leveraging his self-published book to elevate himself in a competitive market, taking control of how he’s perceived as unique and different from other agents.

Erik uses his book as a highly valuable business card. People toss away business cards. They don’t toss away books. People take books with them, they share them and they stay top of mind on the desk or coffee table.

Ep# 40 How this Agent Created Instant Authority and Credibility With His Own Book

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With a book, you can educate your target market on how to choose an agent or Loan Officer. You can insert various calls to action, driving people to your website or social media.

Erik uses his book as part of his marketing funnel and includes a copy of his book with his pre-listing package. It’s also a good qualifier when you ask prospects “would you like a free copy of our book?”

In this interview you’ll learn: 

  • The A.C.E. Marketing Formula
  • Using BombBomb to Create Trust and Connection
  • How a Book Increases Your Lead Conversion
  • Pre-Selling People Before You Even Meet Them
  • What Should Your Brand Be?
  • How to Attract Top Agents

Links we mentioned:

Erik Brown’s Website

Order Erik’s Book

BombBomb Video

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