Have you heard of  ‘content marketing’ but aren’t yet sure if  or how it will work for you?

If you answered “Yes” to either question today’s post is for you.


Businessweek calls educational-based (content)  marketing casting a wider net. It is the opposite of marketing models that ‘push’ for a sale.

For Example:

“Buy from us, we are the best.”
“We offer the best rates.”
“We close on time.”

Educational (content) based marketing turns the  tables by making being focused on your target  markets needs, wants, desires, pains, fears and hopes.

For example, reports, articles, blog posts, videos, presentations, ebooks that help your prospects and referral partners solve their problems and help educate them.

“The five biggest mistakes people make when refinancing their homes.”
“The Truth About Buying Your First Home.”

By providing relevant content that helps your target market, you build trust by teaching the client something before attempting to make a sale. Traditional marketing techniques are self-serving. Educational-based models are just that – educational. You provide facts and expert information that helps prospects understand the process and make sound decisions

Provide Prospects With Valuable Information
What are the questions people ask when looking to buy a home or refinance?

“What credit score do I need to get the best rate?”
“What is the least amount I can put down for a deposit?”
“Can I get a mortgage with a past short sale or foreclosure against my credit?”
“How much of a deposit do I need with a low credit score?”

Once you get a series of questions together, organize your educational messages around them.

“6 Ways to get a Mortgage when You have a Low Credit Score”
“No Deposit? No Problem – 7 Ways to get a Mortgage with No Money Down”

Does this make sense?

Put yourself in your prospects shoes. There’s a lot of noise out there about rates, FHA etc. If you want to “get noticed” in today’s noisy world, you have to separate yourself from the noise. Providing relevant, educational content (in multiple forms) is a great way to position yourself away from the ‘noise’ of sameness and build your online/offline platform.

Stay tuned for our next installment on Content Marketing.