What if you could help agents stay top of mind with clients – even after they’ve sold a home?

Do you WhoHub? WhoHub app is the brain child of 28 year veteran of the real estate business, Gordon Wood.

As a top agent at McEnearney Associates in Alexandria Virginia, Gordon was continually inundated with questions from clients, sphere of influence, and other agents in his office…“hey, do you know a plumber, painter, home inspector, lender, carpet cleaner, etc.”

Gordon thought, there has to be an easier way to store vendors into a master list where his clients and past clients can have 24/7 access through technology, while keeping him “top of mind.”

WhoHub leverages the real estate agent’s local knowledge and relationships and keeps them top of mind long after the transaction is closed. The concept of WhoHub is a simple and easy to use app that keeps the the REALTOR® and Lender connected to the client long after a transaction is completed.

WhoHub combines the ease of sharing your trusted vendor network with the popularity of in-app messaging. It allows REALTORS® and Lenders to be where their customers live every day–on their smartphone.”

the #1 free app for realtors and lenders
Our special guests for Mortgage Marketing Radio this week are Brad LaTour and Wade Vander Molen.
Brad LaTour is the Co-Founder & CEO of WhoHub. Wade Vander Molen is the Director of Sales/Marketing for Stewart Title in the Washington DC area and has been a successful Title professional since 2005.

Listen Here:

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Wade earns trust and referrals through helping REALTORS® and Lenders with their marketing. Wade has gained new referral partners in his area by introducing them to WhoHub.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

● The origin story of WhoHub
● #1 Reason why REALTORS® and Lenders lose business
● The secret weapon of WhoHub
● Why the “Pay for Play“ online vendor networks is not trusted
● Using the WhoHub in-app messenger

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