Do you know how to get mortgage customers from Google?

The truth is, digital marketing today encompasses a lot more than Google and is always changing. As frustrating as this may be, digital platforms are simply too important to ignore if you want to stay relevant and profitable. 

Our special guest for Mortgage Marketing Radio this week is Chris Johnstone.

Chris is someone I’ve admired for a long time because of his authenticity and truth in Mortgage Marketing. For years, Chris has been helping mortgage companies and professionals make sense of the ever-changing world of digital marketing like Google, Facebook and more.

Whether you want more customers from your social marketing, search or paid traffic, or you want to get better at referral targeting and marketing online, Chris has the answers.

How to Get More Mortgage Customers from Google

Chris helps you make sense of where you should put your focus and money. He helps you understand which digital marketing strategy is right for you and your budget. 

Listen to the interview:

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Chris was also kind enough to offer a free website analysis to all MMR listeners as a way to say thanks for listening in to the interview. You can grab that here.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • The best performing keywords for your campaign
  • A little-known secret about Google Adwords
  • Where to focus your time and money
  • How to get the most results using the least effort
  • How Google has started using artificial intelligence
  • How to get your ratings and reviews to show up on Google My Business

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