Is your mortgage business mobile friendly?

Our guests this week are Clint Morgan and Michael Kelleher. Clint is the Senior Vice President and Chief Lending Officer of Ruoff Home Mortgage, and Michael is the president of Easy Mortgage Apps, providing mobile solutions for the mortgage industry.

Getting Mobile Friendly in Your Mortgage Business

Easy Mortgage Apps allows you to keep buyers and partners informed and engaged via push notifications, allowing them to interact with the whole process and learn more about their loan without having to rely on emails.

As Michael mentions in the interview, there are two approaches to mobile strategy. Either you view it as a “ticking the box” activity whereby you simply have a mobile business card or responsive website, or you adopt the approach that Clint has taken using Easy Mortgage Apps with an end-to-end mobile friendly user experience.

Listen to the interview:

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The fact is that times are changing, and it’s not just millennials who expect a mobile friendly loan process. Simply put, you need to embrace mobile activity in your business today or be left behind.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

• How loan officers can leverage mobile apps
• What it means to be truly native and why it matters
• Where and how to integrate mobile into your sales process
• The number one advice when developing your own mobile app
• Unconventional ways to use a mobile app in your business

Links we mentioned:

Easy Mortgage Apps
Email Michael
Email Clint
Ruoff Home Mortgage app

Michael very generously offered $500 off the implementation fee to all Mortgage Marketing Radio listeners when you mention the show.

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