What are your customers saying about you?

Social proof and social surveys are incredibly powerful. The fact is, doing a mortgage is a very risky proposition, so potential customers are constantly looking at what other people are saying about you online.

If people are saying good things about your business, why wouldn’t you want to put that everywhere? And why let one bad review spoil your online reputation when you have a potential pool of happy customers?

This week we have not one, but two special guests for Mortgage Marketing Radio: Scott Harris, founder & CEO and Craig Pollack, VP of Business Development, both of SocialSurvey.

SocialSurvey is doing some amazing work to help mortgage professionals leverage reviews and testimonials to build their online reputation management, drive leads and referrals, build their presence online and have a professional image that people can visit to learn about you as a company.

Using Social Surveys to Boost Your Business.


If you’ve ever been curious about social surveys and how to put them to work in your business to drive leads, engagement and referrals, then this episode is for you. The truth is, if you’re not managing your online reputation, it’ll manage you.

Listen to the interview:

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As Scott and Craig mention in the interview, doing nothing with your reviews is basically throwing money away. SocialSurvey takes everything you should be doing to leverage these reviews, such as social sharing, and automates the whole process for you.

Scott walks through the entire process, right from collecting reviews to sharing them on your business’s various online channels and following up with unhappy customers.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • How to promote a favorable reputation for you and your business
  • How to repurpose reviews and testimonials to build brand presence
  • How reviews affect your business’s Google ranking
  • How to ask your customers for reviews the correct way (and when to do so)
  • A small, genius hack to optimize video reviews from your customers
  • Best practices for mortgage professionals to implement a social survey strategy
  • How to leverage your past database of previous customers

Links we mentioned:

If you’d like to get involved and introduce SocialSurvey to your company, get in touch at Craig Pollack at getstarted@socialsurvey.com or dial 1-888-701-4512 where the team will get to know who you are and what you’re looking to accomplish.

You can also get a free 30-day trial of the SocialSurvey individual account to test out before approaching your company with the Enterprise plan (which automates the entire process).

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