Welcome to the Mortgage Marketing Radio podcast episode #126. Today’s guests are Caroline Pinal and Jessica Northrup. Caroline is one of the founders of Give Back Homes and Jessica is killing the mortgage space in Colorado. We discuss cause marketing and why it is good for your business.

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Jessica and Caroline team up to reveal how working in and with Give Back Homes has shaped their careers. Caroline is a co-founder of the foundation and has helped build hundreds of homes across the globe. Jessica is a real estate agent in Colorado who has worked to build the foundation’s presence in her area.

Giving back is not only good for the soul, it’s also good for marketing. Millennials specifically are more highly in tune with companies that have a mission-based mindset and who are giving back. Tap into this growing market by showing that the bottom line is not your only concern.

Tune in today to learn how cause marketing should be used to boost your authority and brand. Jessica and Caroline provide wonderful insight into the cause of Giving Back Homes and its impact on business and community.

How to find Jessica:

  • jessica@jessicanorthrup.com

How to find Caroline:

In This Episode:

  • [00:31] – Welcome back to the show. I appreciate you using your time to listen to our podcast! 
  • [02:37] – Shout out to Jill & Rob Garrison of Michigan Mortgage – they share their thanks for this podcast.
  • [03:22] – Shout out to listener AMedford2007!
  • [04:11] – Today is my second time featuring Give Back Homes, and they are back to share how to give back and recharge.
  • [06:24] – Guests today are Caroline Pinal with Give Back Homes and Jessica Northrup with Compass Real Estate.
  • [08:05] – Caroline shares a bit about herself and her role with Give Back Homes
  • [08:20] – Jessica discusses her rise within the corporate mortgage market.
  • [09:25] – Caroline and Geoff do a quick recap of the last few years since speaking on the podcast.
  • [10:07] – Jessica was introduced to Give Back Homes in 2016 through Ryan Seacrest.
  • [11:28] – Jessica shares how her involvement with Give Back Homes feels different from her other charitable activities.
  • [13:21] – How has the involvement with GBH affected branding?
  • [15:36] – Caroline talks about the Bob Goff quote and its correlation to cause marketing.
  • [18:01] – Jessica discusses how leveraging her work with GBH has helped generate closures.
  • [21:42] – Millennials love to be involved with cause-related businesses.
  • [25:37] – GBH makes it easy to get involved.
  • [27:51] – Caroline reveals the new programs on the horizon for GBH.
  • [30:15] – What is the mission of Give Back Homes? 
  • [32:00] – Caroline shares co-founder Blake’s story and how Give Back Homes was conceived.
  • [34:42] – Share this podcast with your real estate agent and build that relationship.
  • [36:09] – Check out www.givebackhomes.com for more information on the resources they provide for community outreach projects.

Links and Resources:

www.donate.givebackhomes.com/compass – Donate to Jessica’s next build day on August 9th in Colorado

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