Welcome to the Mortgage Marketing Radio podcast episode #123.

Today’s guest is Grant Wise a Facebook ads thought leader and expert. Grant is a serial entrepreneur and Founder of Real Estate Marketing University. He started in entrepreneurship at the tender age of 19 and has experienced all of the ups and downs of entrepreneurs twice his age.

He left his construction businesses and made the move into real estate around the age of 21, and worked to bring digital marketing advantages to the agents his company worked with. He now trains and mentors real estate agents and loan officers in all things digital marketing with a focus on Facebook ads.  

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The key things you need to understand about running Facebook Ads.

There’s no question that the landscape of Facebook ads has changed from what it looked like 5 years ago. Used to be, you could put up a Facebook ad with no other strategy and generate plenty of leads and clients because no one else was doing it. Now more people are using Facebook ads but only a handful are utilizing all of the steps appropriately. Lead generation is only the first step, retargeting is where you’ll find your clients in today’s ad world. The power of Facebook is that you can target the people who are aware of what they want.

How to leverage Facebook to generate leads and add value to real estate agents.

Loan officers benefit the most when they learn how to solve their realtor partner’s pain points. Grant discusses the five main pain points of realtors and how utilizing Facebook ads is the first step in solving them. Building relationships and maintaining those relationships is the key to successful partnerships with realtors and brokers. Grant and Geoff discuss quickly but in great depth the process by which Facebook ads lead to booked appointments and opportunities to build those relationships and partnerships.

You won’t want to miss this episode and all of the great Facebook ads nuggets Grant provides. Tune in and learn about the changing landscape of ads and how to make them work for you.

How to find Grant:

Grant on LinkedIn

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What the difference is between generating a lead and generating a client?
  • What’s new at Facebook and how is it impacting Facebook ads?
  • What type of Facebook ads exist and how to use them appropriately.
  • How to succeed with Facebook ads.
  • How to properly leverage Facebook to generate leads for real estate agents.

In This Episode:

  • [02:44] – Today’s guest is Grant Wise a Facebook Ads thought leader and expert and we are going to unpack all things Facebook ads.
  • [05:49] – We are looking for a small group of people looking to get started in running ads that target the agents you want to work with.
  • [08:57] – Grant and I dive into the show with a brief description of him and his accomplishments and how he got into Facebook ads.
  • [15:20] – Grant shares information about the current landscape of his business and the client generation software he and his CTO created.
  • [16:48] – We clarify the difference between a CRM and a CGS – client generation software.
  • [18:29] – What is the difference between generating a lead and generating a client?
  • [20:15] – Grant has been working in Facebook ads with realtors for more than 6years and he dives into his experience.
  • [24:04] – We discuss whether or not Facebook ads are worth it with the amount of noise on social media.
  • [28:26] – Grant gives his takeaways from reading Breakthrough Advertising and how it applies to real estate.
  • [31:50] – Learn what not to do when you start using Facebook for marketing and how to create buyer personas within a specific niche.
  • [36:02] – How does targeting work once you’ve identified your market and niche?
  • [39:36] – 37% of the market is starting their home search online.
  • [40:12] – We discuss where to start with Facebook ads and the fallacies around having to have a brand before investing in marketing.
  • [42:19] – Build a brand through lead generation and growing your sphere of influence.
  • [44:22] – If you need a listing immediately, start with a “fish in a barrel” strategy to create a listing frenzy.
  • [46:39] – Is there a recommended minimum ad spend or budget?
  • [47:27] – What goes into a good Facebook ad?
  • [48:07] – What do we do with placements in the changing Facebook ad landscape?
  • [50:08] – Quick tips on lead forms, landing pages, and videos.
  • [50:58] – The ad formula has multiple steps at this point — it is now a complete campaign.
  • [51:52] – The number that you are trying to find is the cost to acquire a customer so that you can determine your marketing budget.
  • [53:42] – As a loan officer, work to learn the 5 main problems real estate agents feel they have and then help them solve it.
  • [57:41] – How can loan officers work together with real estate agents and brokers to create Facebook ads.
  • [1:00:04] – How do you separate ad spend?
  • [1:00:42] – We discuss courses and ways in which Grant can help loan officers solve real estate agent problems and build partnerships to generate leads and customers.
  • [1:04:12] – We teach the loan officer how to book appointments with realtors and building relationships, rather than simply selling to them.
  • [1:06:51] – How do you stay away from bottom feeders and book legitimate partners?
  • [1:08:25] – Find out more about Grant’s offer to help loan officers create appointments with realtor partners.
  • [1:10:01] – Learn how to connect with Grant.

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