This week on Mortgage Marketing Radio is special guest Alex McFadyen, “The Mortgage Pug”.

Alex’s story is a compelling one, he started his Mortgage Brokering business from scratch in Canada in 2015 and has grown to the point where throughout 2018, he helped over two hundred families buy a home for a total of $85 million dollars.

Alex achieved this by creating a successful brand, a brand centered around his Pug and effective social marketing. The ins and outs of which, he explains in this interview.

Amongst the insights contained in this episode are some gems from Alex about his methodology.

He talks about why you should focus on what your team and you are doing, not the outcome of said actions, as the two may not correlate, often for years after the inception of your business.

Controlling the outcome of your actions takes time, and Alex has only just started a more precision audit of his results. But with another year of doubled growth in the books, the writing might already be on the wall for the success of Alex’s methods. Other subjects covered is, focusing on your strengths and prioritizing your existing clients over new ones.

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Alex explains how his dog was always a topic of discussion for him and his friends, and when it came to figuring out a way for him to stand out from the crowd, his dog being the center of his brand was a natural choice.

Having a lovable pug as a centerpiece for your marketing is a bold decision, but it has served as a great catalyst for Alex’s explosive growth. Geoff and Alex go over some more social selling tactics, what works? and what doesn’t?

With a mind for turning those faceless likes and followers into real-life connections and leads. Alex even does a thought exercise towards the end to give you an idea of why you should be utilizing social media.

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